Toughness Up North

My inspiration for this piece is the show Wahlburgers the reality show that takes place and is location live centered on Dorchester, MA. I feel somewhat home sick even though I am thirty-one years removed from home. Just the fact of feeling you cannot go home again makes me long for the sights and sounds that my childhood centered around. I will only give three episodes from my childhood because I know you have other things you want to get involved in today. I am honored though you want to know about little old’ me. Well, I was born in 1971. Oh wait, that might be going too far back, and what could I actually tell you about my birth, right? So then, let’s get started with somethings I can talk to you about….

812 Morton St. is where my story will begin, a three story home my mother owned and rented to two other families and we lived there as well. For the most part my childhood was uneventful, but as I related to my surroundings are where the stories began and the fruits of my writing career. The details of my home which had the biggest impact on my life included the basement, the porches (front/back), and the heavy iron wood door that kept strangers out who were unfamiliar with the living arrangements from being in the know unless we allow them access.

I know you are dying for me to start with the basement because its bringing up scary thought for you too, and you want me to get this part over, so here it goes…In order to get to the basement, one was thrown into an abyss of darkness until you could figure out how to illuminate their surroundings. For me who since three has dealt with sight problems you can imagine my concern with darkness. Plus I was a big scaredy cat anyway whose shadow cast images that would send my thoughts over the edge and to move was not even an option. To add to the apprehension the safety of the stairs leading down was always in question because although there was a hand rail you could fall through an opening that was secured by nothing. When you finally made it to what I call the dungeon of darkness, there were all these different cubies of scariness that one could get petrified in. There were three monstrous furnaces that towered over me and I would run past afraid of being touched by one. Now the sounds were overly loud or eerily quiet both as you can guess were unnerving because in both instances you were waiting on something or someone to happen by. Remember this perspective is from a much younger me. And my fears were so real, I carried some of them into adulthood of course not the fears about the basement, but a major fear that has limited my living is my lack of confidence in my own ability to overcome. But I find myself, discovering ways to overcome each day there is breath in my lungs. Okay, as you have guessed there are life lessons that can be learned with each live action circumstance that we encounter. Okay, next, the porches that served to fuel another insider trade off, so stay tuned for the next episode.

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