Conserve-holding to traditional attitudes and values and cautious about change or innovation, typically in relation to politics or religion 

Liberal-open to new behavior or opinions and willing to discard traditional values concerned mainly with broadening a person’s general knowledge and experience given and used, or occurring in generous amounts. 

The conversation maybe needed an understanding of what it means to be Conserve or Liberal. Is it not tiresome to keep having the same conversations with no new results? Why push your views on someone else rather than coming to an understanding and then working together? 

There is nothing more frustration as a citizen of the USA then to comprehend how divided the two parties are that represent its people. My disdain is the fact that we ae center stage of a worldview that cannot get it together enough to support one another through this rocky road of distasteful bickering. 

Sometimes it’s that nonsense everyone understands and no one wants to address the money in the room going haywire. There is no coming to any understanding of the views others have. Just a demand to be right which looks like a child throwing a tantrum know what I mean? 

Should we not have compassion others trying to convey their thought process without judging it as wrong? Should we not honor people’s rights to be different than you? Is that who we are as an American people or do we become who other countries consist of a dictatorship? Democracy is great if ever one has the opportunity to be themselves and leave the judgement to the judge who is right every time-God. 

The division is wide and so the median is too great for the compromise. How is this right? America is made up of so many cultures and the color is so amazing. Yet rather than recognize the difference of its people, America has become this grand divide of Conserve and Lib. Can’t we just get along-Remember Rodney King’s speech. 

I am learning just like you so keep reading. We need to come to a common ground to get out of the eyesight and conversations where our counter parts might miss judge our actions that keep us separate yet equal-Please understand this separate but equal. 

There will always be mixture of Conserve and Lib working within an individual. Just like there is good and evil in everyone depending on day and circumstances is when you many see one or the other, but does that make that person bad? There is no order of protection in division. To honor another person’s right to choose for themselves must stay in place in some instances. But let’s not go overbroad demanding what you should not ask for. 

Nothing the world would offer as law that goes against the word of God works for me.

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“easy, breezy, beautiful…Cover Girl.”

For the love of books

How to teach girls to enjoy ready-

It’s to open the pages of her imagination

For her allow it to be her dream come true

It’s that Prince on white horse

It’s not a damsel in distress

It is that Princess taking charge of her life.


It will be in the relationships she develops

She nurtures so make sure the protagist takes care of others or give her an animal something she can hold on to

Her needs will come to life as she witnesses other taking steps to where she wants to go.

The dialogue must hold her attention

She must understand her feeling less than < must never find its way into who she is becoming

Helping her understand what she is good at will make a path seeable.

Her future will be bright when she discovers she has an ally, and to find that in her own hand –power.

There will be no need to put up with what is obviously not going to work

She will know her value comes not from lips, but pages.

She is that natural girl who is easy, breezy; beautiful she is that cover girl.

The door will swing open to an awesome existence that will allow her to believe you can fly (soar)

She can flip through the pages and share her life unfolding

It is the brightness in her eyes as reality is manageable

It is a choice she can make whenever her fancy allows her to.

The picture she sees is a reflection of who she can be

That moment in time that becomes her reality

That hope diamond is found in her hand

She will understand that when she travels she can take others with her.

A book in the hands of a girl is a promise

Of great things to come

Stories to be told

A future to hope for

She is that cover girl who forces her naturally beautiful mind room to speak

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1-2-3 slump in your hump

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How does one overcome the slump in hump day?

First, I would advise starting with a positive attitude about what stage of life you find yourself. Understanding how this will affect your actions, speech, and outlook. It is the clarity in your recovery that grants you the power to understand the unsettled parts in others.

It is true when you hear misery loves company, but refuse to allow the uncertainty within that wants to drown you cloud your judgment. Your life can be a lesson in strength if you forget how you were hurt, ignored, or rejected. That person before you right now did not cause you injury so don’t take it out on them.

Within you is just what the doctor ordered for the patient you did not realize you would have to care for today. But it is okay you are ready, you have been prepared for center stage.

Then I would advise don’t assume you are the answer to every problem you encounter. Really, if your experiences give you nothing to say just be quiet. Silence can be a good companion in situations where your knowledge can not sustain you in a conversation you know nothing about.  It really is okay not to open your mouth then to say something you will regret later.

At times, it can really be uncomfortable dealing with silence, so that is why it is important to get okay in your own space. You then can help others love the skin that they exist in without having to answer for it.

Never explain yourself. You will not please all of the people anyway with your answer. But what others can do, is only assume what your silence means. You will win the war but not engaging in every battle.

Finally, the peace you carry will illuminate and reset the fire in someone’s soul. Because calm is your standard nothing else can exist in your presence.

The idea that calm only exist with you will enable you to reset the chaos for calm that could not present itself without you.

Nothing is more powerful than your ability to remain calm when everything around you is coming unhinged and the stress of it floors the many.

The power vested in me I will bestow on the situation as you follow my peace that calm you hope for will show up to push you through with a revitalized energy.


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Inspire Me with Sayings

Healing For a Broken Heart

For ages, songwriters have tried to capture the heart-wrenching feelings that arise from these circumstances with lyrics like, “How I am supposed to live without you when all I’ve been living for is gone?” and “I ‘ll never get over you getting over me;” as well as “You’ve lost that loving feeling.” Yet, these emotions are not articulated as clearly as we often wish they were. Often the pain is so deep and so excruciating that we tend to repress and deny the anguish rather than handle it properly. http://www.knowjesus.com/Dev_heart.shtml

  1. Find hope.

But forgiveness requires hope: believing that a better place exists, that the aching emptiness experienced in your every activity won’t be with you forever… http://psychcentral.com/blog/archives/2011/02/18/10-tips-to-mend-a-broken-heart/

  1. Lean into the Tender Place

I know once my heart is opened, I can find the courage to lean into the place where I am broken, to lean into that opening, letting life rush in and touch me there, even though that place is incredibly tender. I’ve discovered over time that the rush of life into the tender place where we are broken is the beginning of resilience. http://www.oprah.com/inspiration/What-to-Do-When-You-Feel-Broken-Mark-Nepo

What is the Heart Chakra?

The energy of the heart chakra is depicted as a deep, emerald green color that ties us to all living things around us. Green is associated with new life and natural surroundings – it is tranquil, yet energized, soothing yet vibrant. The energy produced by the heart chakra allows us to have meaningful relationships and to feel empathy, compassion, passion, forgiveness and caring for other people.  http://www.chakrahealing.com/blog/heart-chakra-healing/

1.    Develop a non-judgmental relationship with your mind

Without addressing a mind run amuck, the chances of skillfully working with your feelings is kind of limited. Spend some time every day, not squashing your icky thoughts and promoting your good ones, but simply watching your mind in a relaxed way—no matter how wild it gets, you can remain steady. This is what meditation teaches you how to do. This is best done through the practice of meditation, instruction. http://susanpiver.com/2010/04/28/3-stages/

Here is my love experience: tried loving men from a place that was empty and commitment was never a possibility, but you could not tell my younger self I was not in love. As I have grown in maturity as it relates to love with God’s help, I gave up trying to love men I should not in order to say “yes” I understood love. I surrendered my need for love and the exploitation of it. And I begin to understand the love God had for me by way of my husband, who spoke to areas that only God knew and could heal. So here is what I chose not to believe, that I was not valuable enough to be loved, by accepting the love offered even if it seemed to be too good to be true. P.M. Mathis www.pewpartners.wix.com/pmmathis


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It is what we are supposed to do, but there are too many opinions that could be done without

Choices are not all the time easy, but necessary in order to create the space that keeps you alive

Sometimes it’s just knowing you woke up in your right mind today

Listen to that inner voice that speaks loudly and quietly at times

Create the music you dance to

Let no one set limits on your accomplishment or the places you will go

Your able-bodiness, is the rest you have the resolve to get up each morning

In your life make sure you are the one giving at-a-boys to yourself because you will know the mind set behind the compliment.


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Your feeling I will not cater to….


They are called your feelings for a reason

No way could I get away with what you do on a constant basis

Everything you do is not right and just because I won’t challenge the issue does not mean I agree

Nothing is impossible if you choose not to let it affect loving someone

When you feel it necessary to carry things to the extreme know I refuse to live there with you

Remember your life can change in an instant do you really want to be caught unaware of how your actions might affect someone else?

Your choice should be love first then you work on those feelings that keep you stuck not someone else being mean to you.


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is not created by allowing others opinion to supersede your own

it is about believing life is worth living

everything you do, try your best to have the best experience you can

accept the peaceful comfort of knowing you can change your atmosphere

you are the master of your surrounding

no one can be more to you than you are to yourself

nothing that you need is out of your control to obtain

be the power driver of what it takes to be happy and share some of your joy with others

You are the picture of living well allow others to follow your lead.


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Does my color really affect my ability?

Am I really not considered because my hue?

I know there really is hate in the world, but why do you have to keep making color the issue?

The idea that you would really like each person better if they were like you is that where you are?

Because your reality really is not what you think it ought to be is it right to blame someone else for what they can accomplish?

There are real and present dangers that we must face are you really going to allow color to be another issue you take on?

No race is perfect, but hating based on color is just old school realities that we no longer have to live in.


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Does not need makeup to disguise

There seem to be no pretense

They seem to having a knowing despite what the world shows them

Being open comes so natural that some things you want them to keep private

They are creative geniuses

Focus and head strong even if the idea does not make much sense

There is the greatest amount of gratitude to young people because they know what they don’t want to do

Their youthful swagger is unmatched by the old time logo on the backs that use to declare once upon of time now no more

Times are somewhat different, but that is not good or bad their age just give them a little more time to get it.


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Time is a Factor

Taking risks that are going well outside my comfortable side

It is that deep sigh because you know God is so good.

The taste of God being with you every step of the way

Nothing you do is a surprise because you are backed by God

The opening of your doors will happen as soon as you start expecting them tomj-quote-3

Another person may support your dream, but it is up to you to make it come true

Being ordinary might be where you started, but your end will be more than you thought

You have to get comfortable with change because it definitely is one of those things that occur, so why mess with your peace over it.


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