comic relief is sometimes needed

Doing all of what I use to is no longer an option, but it is okay

What use to matter really don’t anymore, and that is okay too

Sometimes it just not what you want to hear, so you sit still and become okay

When you don’t feel qualified, but that is okay just use the mustard seed

Deciding that yesterday does not hold all you could have been, and you are okay with that

You might not know as much as the next person, so you do what is okay for you

Don’t jump ship when life will not surrender the life support you need, but realize you have all you need to survive.


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Going Home

God is expecting to see you. 2 Peter 3:9

There is a mansion with your name on it. John 14:2

Will the gate open for you? 2 Peter 1:11

Or will you hold up the person in line behind you? Matthew 12:36

Your life has to change according to the word of God. Lamentation 3:22

You have to love God with your whole heart. Luke 10:27

You have to love your neighbor as yourself. Mark 12:31.

Forgiveness gives you the ability to go before the King. Matthew 6:14-15

Where your treasure is there your heart will be also. Matthew 6:21

When I knock, answer and I will come in says the Lord. Revelation 3:20

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may u open up to God’s reflective glory





Getting Screwed



makes me read the fine print

makes me want to educate myself

makes me come unhinged in my mind

makes me not trust others

makes me uncertain that this world I live in can be seen as good

makes it seem as if letting people in will not have a proper place

it’s when you know either decision has no good outcome for you

makes me understand that I really cannot rely on a man to give me an understanding that only God has to provide for me.  Rom. 9:16

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may u be God’s reflection