comic relief is sometimes needed

Doing all of what I use to is no longer an option, but it is okay

What use to matter really don’t anymore, and that is okay too

Sometimes it just not what you want to hear, so you sit still and become okay

When you don’t feel qualified, but that is okay just use the mustard seed

Deciding that yesterday does not hold all you could have been, and you are okay with that

You might not know as much as the next person, so you do what is okay for you

Don’t jump ship when life will not surrender the life support you need, but realize you have all you need to survive.


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Defines me as a writer

A platform I am comfortable being center stage

It is on my vision board therefore it has to happen, right?

Give me something to say, and I find in front of others is my sweet spot

It is better than getting to know someone one on one

It is my ticket out of my current situation, mediocrity

I have been given a voice why not use it?

It allows me to speak hope to more people

It is the way to be a part of the conversations that matter

My way to leave the unknown behind.


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