Conserve-holding to traditional attitudes and values and cautious about change or innovation, typically in relation to politics or religion 

Liberal-open to new behavior or opinions and willing to discard traditional values concerned mainly with broadening a person’s general knowledge and experience given and used, or occurring in generous amounts. 

The conversation maybe needed an understanding of what it means to be Conserve or Liberal. Is it not tiresome to keep having the same conversations with no new results? Why push your views on someone else rather than coming to an understanding and then working together? 

There is nothing more frustration as a citizen of the USA then to comprehend how divided the two parties are that represent its people. My disdain is the fact that we ae center stage of a worldview that cannot get it together enough to support one another through this rocky road of distasteful bickering. 

Sometimes it’s that nonsense everyone understands and no one wants to address the money in the room going haywire. There is no coming to any understanding of the views others have. Just a demand to be right which looks like a child throwing a tantrum know what I mean? 

Should we not have compassion others trying to convey their thought process without judging it as wrong? Should we not honor people’s rights to be different than you? Is that who we are as an American people or do we become who other countries consist of a dictatorship? Democracy is great if ever one has the opportunity to be themselves and leave the judgement to the judge who is right every time-God. 

The division is wide and so the median is too great for the compromise. How is this right? America is made up of so many cultures and the color is so amazing. Yet rather than recognize the difference of its people, America has become this grand divide of Conserve and Lib. Can’t we just get along-Remember Rodney King’s speech. 

I am learning just like you so keep reading. We need to come to a common ground to get out of the eyesight and conversations where our counter parts might miss judge our actions that keep us separate yet equal-Please understand this separate but equal. 

There will always be mixture of Conserve and Lib working within an individual. Just like there is good and evil in everyone depending on day and circumstances is when you many see one or the other, but does that make that person bad? There is no order of protection in division. To honor another person’s right to choose for themselves must stay in place in some instances. But let’s not go overbroad demanding what you should not ask for. 

Nothing the world would offer as law that goes against the word of God works for me.

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When My Nerves are Shot


Nothing works properly

I am on the edge and it is really not good

I feel like I am swinging from the trees and I have no idea how to get down

I feel like I am literally walking backwards

I feel uneasy inside and I really don’t know why

The door I thought was open has just shut, and I am standing there confused d-confused-man-sitting-question-mark-illustration-frustrated-person-hands-his-head-big-human-person-character-47533945

I cannot seem to find my peace therefore my security is shaken

Talking to someone else just seems useless when you cannot explain your own pain

I am just not sympathetic to what someone thinks they need from me when I am going through

In these and all moments, I find the only mercy that I am assured is that God loves me.


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Image for the Words #41


     As a people we have come a long way, yet our journey is far from over.  I am so tired of all the black/white issues.  If each person would just live their own life, then one would not have time to concentrate so hard on others.  Everyone must take responsibility for his or her actions.  So why does society put so much emphasis on the color of a person’s skin?  Why is there stereotyping?  Every person should be judged on his or her own merit.  Every person has rights, responsibilities and their own life that they must lead.  No two people are alike.  So as a society if we choose not to let such issues trouble us, would they not fade?  Now is the time not to let such unnecessary nonsense trouble us, but to let the violence, lack of human concern and the unsolved solutions trouble us into action.  As parents, leaders of nations, educators, and as a society it is our job to teach our children that there are consequences to every action.  It’s not o.k. to hate someone for their beliefs, the color of their skin, nor the circumstances in which we sometimes find ourselves.  Hatred leads to violence and violence leads to nothing that amounts to anything.


These days segregation is not the focus crime, lack of concern, and hatred is the motive for all of the world’s troubles. Crime knows neither color nor gender it is just there everyone must face it.  Everyone must take responsibility for the actions of a person who lacks concern for others.  As a people it is our job to solve problems not add to them nor just let them be.  Every time the television or radio is turned on the lack of human compassion is evident.  I am afraid for our future generation because they are learning early on that human compassion is the main concern of this nation.


Comfort in one’s home should be a given, but it’s not. When one’s home is invaded along with material things that are lost, you lose your peace of mind; comfort once known in your home, the ways in which you once viewed life, and unfortunately a life could be lost.  Those material things lost can be replaced but not the fears you now have not the feelings of invasion, not the peace of mind so often taken for grant, nor that precious life taken so suddenly.  I do not know how as a people we should go about eliminating situations of this world.  Because nothing is ever one sided, in the mind of the person who has lost the feelings of security it is obvious what needs to be done.  But the courts a lot of times have other ways of doing things.  As a society there needs to be rules and guidelines, but one does not have to be satisfied with what has been handed down.  You must fight for what is right because if you will not then who will?  And what will happen to our future if we will not stand up and be heard?  Now is the time to take action not when it happens to you or a family member.  Now is the time to stop, take a look around, and say it stops here.  I will not accept violence as a part of my life.  I will not turn my head as if I see nothing.  I will not, not be heard.  I will speak my mind even if my options are not agreed upon.  Let us now take action to change the ways of this world.

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may u be God’s reflection #urgodslovestory

giving head……


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Image for the Words #32

Image Gives or Takes

the chalk outline did it come too soon because you could not solve the head game others played?

did what someone did not do for you or give you cause you the jump when you still was too immature to figure out it was not the end of the world?

have you closed the door and refused to open a window because life did not produce for you a good start, and you assumed you were damaged goods?

what does the mirror tell you?

does it distort your view and create negative self talk?

listen, shut everything off, get okay with yourself, really be comfortable in your own skin. it all starts with your image of yourself and if you cannot find positive things to recite to yourself why make it someone else’s job to keep you mentally?

why is it necessary to try and create a space for everyone’s insecurities? political correctness is killing us…………………


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may u be God’s reflection #urgodslovestory

This Generation on something Else #50

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girls_girls_girls_neon_sign_097-F06-C Ordinary Princess, the joy of the Lord is your strength. This is the day the Lord has created rejoice and be glad in it. Keep in mind there is nothing you lack. God has given you everything you need to create, live, and love. By being ordinary you are destined for the extraordinary.

stand-up-guys02 Ordinary Prince, you are created in the image of your Father. So therefore, you are guaranteed victory if you trust God with your living, learning, and loving. Arm yourself with the armor God has provided for every inch of yourself. You are blessed and definitely favored.

religeous_cross-hands-dove God, we are glad to be apart of your family, so let us show you in our thanksgiving. As the lead of the generation, allow us to understand that as long as we look to you for guidance we cannot go wrong.

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may you be God’s reflection #urgodslovestory

This Generation on something Else #49

girls_girls_girls_neon_sign_097-F06-C Ordinary Princess, never allow your eyes to be closed to your surroundings. Be aware of who is watching you. Speak up for your freedom of speech. You have a voice for a reason so use it knowing your opinion will matter to someone.

stand-up-guys02 Ordinary Prince, your vision will be the blue print others will use to design their own. Don’t keep your dreams to yourself because you will find others will simply follow you just because you are…get it you are more than you know yourself to be right now. Continue moving forward you will be glad you did.

religeous_cross-hands-dove God, adore the generation by way of us the adults who are called to love them and appreciate who you created them to be. We have a tough road ahead if we forget to honor you, so remind us each day to  give you thanks for all you have done.

link: Happiness

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may you be God’s reflection #urgodslovestory

This Generation on something Else# 48

P.M. Mathis

girls_girls_girls_neon_sign_097-F06-C Ordinary Princess, dream and dream some more it is the only way to keep your passion alive. Let no one hate on you to the point of stopping you from continuing on until you finish those goals you have started. Stay strong it is necessary to finish the race you have begun. You are worth every effort you put in, believe that.

stand-up-guys02 Ordinary Prince, control is your best option. It does not matter how provoked you are, stay calm it will serve you better. Your emotions must be in check at all times this way you keep from feeling disrespected which will keep you when nothing else will. Bravery is your badge that your female counterparts will expect to witness in you.

religeous_cross-hands-dove God, as the adults we are not handling well the responsibility of being the grownups that must guide and not be led by the generation. You are our help require us to learn and then be still, so we can know what we ought to do next.

link : Test Yourself

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may you be God’s reflection #urgodslovestory

This Generation on something Else #47

P.M. Mathis

girls_girls_girls_neon_sign_097-F06-C Ordinary Princess, Behave Like a Princess it is what you can offer the world. Even if you don’t feel recognized, understand there is always someone watching you. Stand up and take notice of how you act, what you say, and who you are drawn to. You are a princess act like one.

stand-up-guys02 Ordinary Prince, be the ears and eyes for others because sometimes they are unaware of their surroundings. You are the peace keeper and a life changer if you take on the assignment. Be the example others want to follow. You can do it we believe in you.

religeous_cross-hands-dove God, as the adults of such a talented generation inspire us to be creative in our directing them along their path to greatness. In your belief of us, then we can pass it on to the generation.

link: Inspiring

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may you be God’s reflection #urgodslovestory

This Generation on something Else #46

girls_girls_girls_neon_sign_097-F06-C Ordinary Princess,  don’t be a drama queen.  You are needed to channel positive results creating a space others can find peace and joy a mist a world of challenges.

stand-up-guys02 Ordinary Prince, open to the life lessons around you the key to your success, and an outcome in life that will be favorable for your living.  Your position must be one of power that will change your atmosphere.

religeous_cross-hands-dove God, is it possible to be the end result for the generation? As the adults,  allow us to advise with control and compassion.

Link: http://www.forbes.com/sites/tjmccue/2012/08/20/make-a-real-difference-12-amazing-young-entrepreneurs-doing-good/

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May you be God’s reflection #urgodslovestory

This Generation on something Else #45

P.M. Mathis

girls_girls_girls_neon_sign_097-F06-C Ordinary Princess, your decisions will impact your life and others, so be prepared to make wise choices. Sometimes you won’t see good decisions in action, but remember you have a choice and can always do the right things. Your life will inspire someone or cause defeat it is up to you what you put out.

stand-up-guys02 Ordinary Prince, you have permission to be a big brother to those who are looking up to you. Don’t manipulate the relationship to get your way, but allow there to be a balance where each party benefits by the relationship. You are the one who will decide your destiny.

religeous_cross-hands-dove God, there is a lot of chaos in the world and being the adults to the generation is coming at a great cost. Times are different then when we grew up and it is coming at a great cost to our parenting.

link: Small Changes

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