Toughness up North #3

(The Door)

Now the door could only protect if you knew harm was approaching and to let it in would forever change your view of the world. I felt safe knowing I even at my age had the ability to say yes or no to someone coming into my safety haven, but what happens when evil portrays itself as someone you can trust?

The introduction of my mother’s second husband was one of okay, this guy is alright. But alcohol, is never the cure of what ails you it only masks your evil if what you hide is anger. For my mother who had left her home-Alabama to create a better life for herself at twenty-one, I am sure never assumed domestic violence would be a chapter in her story. Here is what could have happened, my mother could have lost her life in that basement that I feared, but what did happen is twenty-one stab wounds, and her life being spared one night when that stranger within her husband was released. So although that door of security kept out those clear and present dangers, but how does one discover evil that appears kind and caring?

Forgiveness of my mother’s abuser was hard and to remember this part of my life is not easy, but it has had a profound effect on how I deal with a man’s anger. I will never allow a man to think I am afraid of him because fear was a down fall I feel my mother possessed. I just have to keep forgiveness at the forefront of my mind, so I can continue on this journey of self-growth so I can help someone else find their way through some of life’s disappointments. I hope you continue to walk with me on my journey of self-awareness.

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Open Doors

are you sure you want that door open in your life? 

Is there pressure because of the decision you have made? 

There is a reason for trying that in your life, right?

Is the timing right for doing what you expect and getting the result you want?

Can you open up to more opportunities?

How bright is your horizon?

What are you believing when you expect the doors to open?

Are you jumping through hoops that does not benefit your dream?

Are you remembering to give thanks where it is due for success?

What is the best decision you’ve made concerning your future?

To be a risk taker I am sure.

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Time Goes By

Life can be too short for the nonsense

Reasoning with others can waste time

Don’t waste time when the door opens for you

Stop trying to wait until you are understood

People will push you only if you let them

Allow your goal to be successful drive your desires

The road may get long just hang in

When the dust settles, make sure you have put yourself in a better position

Make decisions that will move you forward

Hold on to your dignity, integrity, and character

Hope is what springs internal

The best gift to give yourself is to trust yourself with your life.


may u be God’s reflection

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