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Healing For a Broken Heart

For ages, songwriters have tried to capture the heart-wrenching feelings that arise from these circumstances with lyrics like, “How I am supposed to live without you when all I’ve been living for is gone?” and “I ‘ll never get over you getting over me;” as well as “You’ve lost that loving feeling.” Yet, these emotions are not articulated as clearly as we often wish they were. Often the pain is so deep and so excruciating that we tend to repress and deny the anguish rather than handle it properly.

  1. Find hope.

But forgiveness requires hope: believing that a better place exists, that the aching emptiness experienced in your every activity won’t be with you forever…

  1. Lean into the Tender Place

I know once my heart is opened, I can find the courage to lean into the place where I am broken, to lean into that opening, letting life rush in and touch me there, even though that place is incredibly tender. I’ve discovered over time that the rush of life into the tender place where we are broken is the beginning of resilience.

What is the Heart Chakra?

The energy of the heart chakra is depicted as a deep, emerald green color that ties us to all living things around us. Green is associated with new life and natural surroundings – it is tranquil, yet energized, soothing yet vibrant. The energy produced by the heart chakra allows us to have meaningful relationships and to feel empathy, compassion, passion, forgiveness and caring for other people.

1.    Develop a non-judgmental relationship with your mind

Without addressing a mind run amuck, the chances of skillfully working with your feelings is kind of limited. Spend some time every day, not squashing your icky thoughts and promoting your good ones, but simply watching your mind in a relaxed way—no matter how wild it gets, you can remain steady. This is what meditation teaches you how to do. This is best done through the practice of meditation, instruction.

Here is my love experience: tried loving men from a place that was empty and commitment was never a possibility, but you could not tell my younger self I was not in love. As I have grown in maturity as it relates to love with God’s help, I gave up trying to love men I should not in order to say “yes” I understood love. I surrendered my need for love and the exploitation of it. And I begin to understand the love God had for me by way of my husband, who spoke to areas that only God knew and could heal. So here is what I chose not to believe, that I was not valuable enough to be loved, by accepting the love offered even if it seemed to be too good to be true. P.M. Mathis


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