Conserve-holding to traditional attitudes and values and cautious about change or innovation, typically in relation to politics or religion 

Liberal-open to new behavior or opinions and willing to discard traditional values concerned mainly with broadening a person’s general knowledge and experience given and used, or occurring in generous amounts. 

The conversation maybe needed an understanding of what it means to be Conserve or Liberal. Is it not tiresome to keep having the same conversations with no new results? Why push your views on someone else rather than coming to an understanding and then working together? 

There is nothing more frustration as a citizen of the USA then to comprehend how divided the two parties are that represent its people. My disdain is the fact that we ae center stage of a worldview that cannot get it together enough to support one another through this rocky road of distasteful bickering. 

Sometimes it’s that nonsense everyone understands and no one wants to address the money in the room going haywire. There is no coming to any understanding of the views others have. Just a demand to be right which looks like a child throwing a tantrum know what I mean? 

Should we not have compassion others trying to convey their thought process without judging it as wrong? Should we not honor people’s rights to be different than you? Is that who we are as an American people or do we become who other countries consist of a dictatorship? Democracy is great if ever one has the opportunity to be themselves and leave the judgement to the judge who is right every time-God. 

The division is wide and so the median is too great for the compromise. How is this right? America is made up of so many cultures and the color is so amazing. Yet rather than recognize the difference of its people, America has become this grand divide of Conserve and Lib. Can’t we just get along-Remember Rodney King’s speech. 

I am learning just like you so keep reading. We need to come to a common ground to get out of the eyesight and conversations where our counter parts might miss judge our actions that keep us separate yet equal-Please understand this separate but equal. 

There will always be mixture of Conserve and Lib working within an individual. Just like there is good and evil in everyone depending on day and circumstances is when you many see one or the other, but does that make that person bad? There is no order of protection in division. To honor another person’s right to choose for themselves must stay in place in some instances. But let’s not go overbroad demanding what you should not ask for. 

Nothing the world would offer as law that goes against the word of God works for me.

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