1-2-3 slump in your hump

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How does one overcome the slump in hump day?

First, I would advise starting with a positive attitude about what stage of life you find yourself. Understanding how this will affect your actions, speech, and outlook. It is the clarity in your recovery that grants you the power to understand the unsettled parts in others.

It is true when you hear misery loves company, but refuse to allow the uncertainty within that wants to drown you cloud your judgment. Your life can be a lesson in strength if you forget how you were hurt, ignored, or rejected. That person before you right now did not cause you injury so don’t take it out on them.

Within you is just what the doctor ordered for the patient you did not realize you would have to care for today. But it is okay you are ready, you have been prepared for center stage.

Then I would advise don’t assume you are the answer to every problem you encounter. Really, if your experiences give you nothing to say just be quiet. Silence can be a good companion in situations where your knowledge can not sustain you in a conversation you know nothing about.  It really is okay not to open your mouth then to say something you will regret later.

At times, it can really be uncomfortable dealing with silence, so that is why it is important to get okay in your own space. You then can help others love the skin that they exist in without having to answer for it.

Never explain yourself. You will not please all of the people anyway with your answer. But what others can do, is only assume what your silence means. You will win the war but not engaging in every battle.

Finally, the peace you carry will illuminate and reset the fire in someone’s soul. Because calm is your standard nothing else can exist in your presence.

The idea that calm only exist with you will enable you to reset the chaos for calm that could not present itself without you.

Nothing is more powerful than your ability to remain calm when everything around you is coming unhinged and the stress of it floors the many.

The power vested in me I will bestow on the situation as you follow my peace that calm you hope for will show up to push you through with a revitalized energy.


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