Mental and physical walk together to keep one another company

Main objective is to be healed that way I am in love with me, I like me, and I deserve celebrating

When it comes to recognizing your own greatness, you have to look beyond the mirror

Dancing in and out of a problem won’t fix it only prolongs the thing you will have to eventually fix

Why not look at the source of the problem, and dig out the core of the pain that hinders you?

Even if you don’t like to be touched mentally, or physically by others, allow yourself the freedom to love, to question the situation, or to release certain people (with the phase it’s not you, but me.)

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On being Creative

you hope to increase the knowledge of others

your downtime is even full of thoughts on what more can I do

everything you think might be magical but it just might not be right, right now29977153739254770_qsGqn7yd_c-245x300

having a tough skin is necessary

you are good at drawing conclusions others don’t see

getting over yourself is a must

join in the conversation when you can

have fun when you create it will display in your work

what you offer will be accepted by someone

if you have not made it yet keep dreaming

If God be for you who can stand against you.


may u be God’s reflection