“easy, breezy, beautiful…Cover Girl.”

For the love of books

How to teach girls to enjoy ready-

It’s to open the pages of her imagination

For her allow it to be her dream come true

It’s that Prince on white horse

It’s not a damsel in distress

It is that Princess taking charge of her life.


It will be in the relationships she develops

She nurtures so make sure the protagist takes care of others or give her an animal something she can hold on to

Her needs will come to life as she witnesses other taking steps to where she wants to go.

The dialogue must hold her attention

She must understand her feeling less than < must never find its way into who she is becoming

Helping her understand what she is good at will make a path seeable.

Her future will be bright when she discovers she has an ally, and to find that in her own hand –power.

There will be no need to put up with what is obviously not going to work

She will know her value comes not from lips, but pages.

She is that natural girl who is easy, breezy; beautiful she is that cover girl.

The door will swing open to an awesome existence that will allow her to believe you can fly (soar)

She can flip through the pages and share her life unfolding

It is the brightness in her eyes as reality is manageable

It is a choice she can make whenever her fancy allows her to.

The picture she sees is a reflection of who she can be

That moment in time that becomes her reality

That hope diamond is found in her hand

She will understand that when she travels she can take others with her.

A book in the hands of a girl is a promise

Of great things to come

Stories to be told

A future to hope for

She is that cover girl who forces her naturally beautiful mind room to speak

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Makes a statement

Gives her power

Helps her imagine

Lends her to a future  500_f_97108473_detpwxtdpgkk3tyupzqkkgmegmyaumwyafrican-girl-book-his-hands-near-school-board-subjects-badges-63103285

Affords her stability

Enables her to live beyond her current situation

Brings her joy girl-fantasy-book

Gives her something that cannot be taken from her

Gives her courage

Changes her outlook

Keeps her present

Drives her forward

Gives her a sense of pride

She realizes her potential girl-book-young-emotional-woman-red-dress-hands-60576440

Keeps her occupied

Creates her platform

Determination is seen as a tool

She does not have to justify herself

Opens the door to opportunities

Gives her a standout quality

Gives others something to wonder about herbook-colours-drawing-girl-girls-favim_com-216609

A book in the hands of a girl is a promise…


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Is the Noise Necessary



does it make you ask questions of self

how does the noise make you feel about you or others

does it demand you to come up higher

is it opening your heart to feel compassion for others

is it a hope builder

does it set peace into motion for you

does it open doors for you that God only can close

does it help you make right decisions

will it benefit the world around you

Your mind needs to be empty of the nonsense in order for you to create your purposeful life.

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may u be God’s reflection


Image for the Words #39

The Luck of the Draw
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may u be God’s reflection #urgodslovestory

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