These words are heavy in their meaning…

They tear at your heart if you have one for those who feel forgotten

These words define the inner ego of another

They demonstrate the power another can have over someone

These words speak about the brokenness of someone

They state the fragile nature of a friend or foe

These words address if self-validation is present

They recount how many times a person can self soothe if at all

These words can drive a person to seek help or hide in the shadows of those who do not need the uplift of otherspexels-photo-1067194

They counter act self-destruction or assume that love does not exist

These words will honor or discharge your responsibility to others

They will enable a thought process that someone’s plight is not your concern

These words would suggest you checking in….

They hold true for so many that to discount their meaning would lead to more loss of life

These words would loosen the sting of judgement

So, pray for me and forget me not is the motto of the humanity side of mankind.

prayer changes things


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phv3p6kzs42qbweThe question is how does one get recognized as a princess?

Who decides royalty is in your blood line?

As it has been shown your past will not necessarily disqualify you.

So let me see, if I can get you recognized by your Prince (charming)??

You must understand you are enough and your qualifications do not come from man (when love sees star quality no one can turn you away from it).


You must speak into your own life and display the power within you to others (he will then recognize the quality that sets you apart from any competition that might arise).


Take full advantage of opportunity that is set before you (the doors this will open may not be present initially, but wait and watch).

It’s not who or how you were born into this world, but where you see beyond… (Remember Oprah Winfrey’s story and her legacy).

It’s really about looking out the window and down the road (what am I saying be a risk taker).

So now what will you do, who do you want to become, and how will you get there-you must address you may not want to be a Meghan Markle, but you have to admit she can tell a great story.


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If you struggle to keep your mind settled, here are six keys for the mind (set) that will empower you to keep it moving. To grind, hustle, or move your but, so you can stop hindering yourself worth from shining because you figure no one will trust your version of truth or question where is your experiences that back up your claims of being an expert.

Mindset Key #1

Actually hear what a person is expressing rather than just hearing what you think they said-so take away: Listen truly.

Mindset Key #2

You know rejection will not harm you, so stop hindering your growth by it-take away: Rejoice when someone or thing turns away from you.

Mindset Key #3

You must savor the process rather than assume something is wrong because there is a process you must proceed through (to)-take away: Growth requires a process.

Mindset Key #4

Tackle first those hard things that make you want to give up because you cannot figure out how to make them easier-take away: Put your big girl or boy pants on and move.

Mindset Key #5

Trust in a growth mindset which states what you to succeed you can learn by creating a habit-take away: Practice builds skill.

Mindset Key #6

As it relates to being wasteful for you for someone else it just might be the very thing that saves their life-take away: Just because you don’t someone else might need a thing.

Put in place your plan of action and then put in the work. These are suggestions I have found that helps me stay woke and pushing forward when getting out of the game is not an option.

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There is power in them

They can bring unity or a divide

Sometimes hearing them is overwhelming

Understanding the words they speak can be confusing

Using them for harm will never profit you

Speaking the truth with them will create a platform of integrity

Never underestimate the change that can be established

Speaks of hope

Dreams to inspire

Sings the poetry of the soul

Stills the mind in time of chaos

Inspires others to see the greatness in themselves

Drives the crowd to an awareness unknown

Will open doors if used properly

Your self-expression will change the world you now live through.

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Toughness up North #3

(The Door)

Now the door could only protect if you knew harm was approaching and to let it in would forever change your view of the world. I felt safe knowing I even at my age had the ability to say yes or no to someone coming into my safety haven, but what happens when evil portrays itself as someone you can trust?

The introduction of my mother’s second husband was one of okay, this guy is alright. But alcohol, is never the cure of what ails you it only masks your evil if what you hide is anger. For my mother who had left her home-Alabama to create a better life for herself at twenty-one, I am sure never assumed domestic violence would be a chapter in her story. Here is what could have happened, my mother could have lost her life in that basement that I feared, but what did happen is twenty-one stab wounds, and her life being spared one night when that stranger within her husband was released. So although that door of security kept out those clear and present dangers, but how does one discover evil that appears kind and caring?

Forgiveness of my mother’s abuser was hard and to remember this part of my life is not easy, but it has had a profound effect on how I deal with a man’s anger. I will never allow a man to think I am afraid of him because fear was a down fall I feel my mother possessed. I just have to keep forgiveness at the forefront of my mind, so I can continue on this journey of self-growth so I can help someone else find their way through some of life’s disappointments. I hope you continue to walk with me on my journey of self-awareness.

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Toughness up North #2

(The Porches)

The porches were my outlet for the creative side to offset the fears that consumed the mind of a child. Because of the security of our home, in the summer we (my cousin, who is four months older, and I) were allowed to camp on the front porch. Although there were so many instances where safety was an issue, being able to have the opportunity to camp outside was a treat not that I feel that way as an adult though. You probably wonder does this lady still have her spark of imaginative creativity, why yes, I do which is evident I hope in the repainting my childhood for you. To gaze up at the sky at night was magical not that stargazing was necessary an option with all the street lights, but being outside did lend to creating a mindset of adventurous living.

I could leap tall buildings in my mind, at times I actually could, off the back porch (what thought became my reality) it did allow me to jump onto the roof of a storage building in the back yard. I know you might think really this noncountry girl actually use to like the outdoors? The answer would be, yes, and don’t forget about climbing fences and playing in the dirt to create my own special brand of the pie. To offset fear you must create a “you” that whether imaginative or for reals can defeat the dragon while creating your escape route which I have done through my writing. Now onto the final piece of the pizza pie, the security that housed my fears and joys as a young person the heavy wood and iron door that was the protection against seen and unseen occurrences. I am sure you won’t want to miss the conclusion to know a part of your local indie author, so stay tuned.

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Toughness Up North

My inspiration for this piece is the show Wahlburgers the reality show that takes place and is location live centered on Dorchester, MA. I feel somewhat home sick even though I am thirty-one years removed from home. Just the fact of feeling you cannot go home again makes me long for the sights and sounds that my childhood centered around. I will only give three episodes from my childhood because I know you have other things you want to get involved in today. I am honored though you want to know about little old’ me. Well, I was born in 1971. Oh wait, that might be going too far back, and what could I actually tell you about my birth, right? So then, let’s get started with somethings I can talk to you about….

812 Morton St. is where my story will begin, a three story home my mother owned and rented to two other families and we lived there as well. For the most part my childhood was uneventful, but as I related to my surroundings are where the stories began and the fruits of my writing career. The details of my home which had the biggest impact on my life included the basement, the porches (front/back), and the heavy iron wood door that kept strangers out who were unfamiliar with the living arrangements from being in the know unless we allow them access.

I know you are dying for me to start with the basement because its bringing up scary thought for you too, and you want me to get this part over, so here it goes…In order to get to the basement, one was thrown into an abyss of darkness until you could figure out how to illuminate their surroundings. For me who since three has dealt with sight problems you can imagine my concern with darkness. Plus I was a big scaredy cat anyway whose shadow cast images that would send my thoughts over the edge and to move was not even an option. To add to the apprehension the safety of the stairs leading down was always in question because although there was a hand rail you could fall through an opening that was secured by nothing. When you finally made it to what I call the dungeon of darkness, there were all these different cubies of scariness that one could get petrified in. There were three monstrous furnaces that towered over me and I would run past afraid of being touched by one. Now the sounds were overly loud or eerily quiet both as you can guess were unnerving because in both instances you were waiting on something or someone to happen by. Remember this perspective is from a much younger me. And my fears were so real, I carried some of them into adulthood of course not the fears about the basement, but a major fear that has limited my living is my lack of confidence in my own ability to overcome. But I find myself, discovering ways to overcome each day there is breath in my lungs. Okay, as you have guessed there are life lessons that can be learned with each live action circumstance that we encounter. Okay, next, the porches that served to fuel another insider trade off, so stay tuned for the next episode.

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It has been said to me as it relates to relationships, matters of the heart, and abandonment I am very clear that mistakes cannot be made when loving me. How dare you even try and come at me with such a lame excuse in why you failed to love me properly. Love is supposed to calm the soul and stimulate the mind. So why then are you coming to me, with a half-hearted proposal of loving me? There is nothing I will ever beg for when it comes to love because if you don’t give it willingly me demanding it will only end in someone getting hurt.

The symptom of a heart unfulfilled causes your journey to be unbearable. There is no way you will be allowed to live comfortably when you have made my life one I no longer recognize or realize is worth living without your form of love I am accustomed to.

The heartbreak is real and if I could cause you pain without getting caught I would. And now what of trust? You wait to say, “I made a mistake I still want you beside me on my journey through this maze called living.” But how do I trust the word of a liar who said, “I will love you as long as I breathe.” Oh, wait these words of forgiveness is what I seek, search, and want to share, but you are not offering. I feel like an idiot because I am actually waiting on you to forgive my betrayal and you are the one who wants out.

It is just amazing how when love is consuming you want to hold on to anything that keeps you connected to the object of your affection. The danger can be the tightness in which you want to hold on. Sometimes the best answer is to leave some of the emotions out of your decisions, and you then can use the rash mind to decide how to calm the ego, and that’s really what it’s about. Not wanting others to know or see you walking alone because then an explanation will be demanded and an answer you might not have.

Okay, take it from someone whose cried, screamed, begged, demanded or just got over an evaporated relationship, you do find a way to love over it and not become bitter (if you choose to). All is not right in the universe, but you can still walk in victory by trusting yourself to the one who created the universe.

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Conserve-holding to traditional attitudes and values and cautious about change or innovation, typically in relation to politics or religion 

Liberal-open to new behavior or opinions and willing to discard traditional values concerned mainly with broadening a person’s general knowledge and experience given and used, or occurring in generous amounts. 

The conversation maybe needed an understanding of what it means to be Conserve or Liberal. Is it not tiresome to keep having the same conversations with no new results? Why push your views on someone else rather than coming to an understanding and then working together? 

There is nothing more frustration as a citizen of the USA then to comprehend how divided the two parties are that represent its people. My disdain is the fact that we ae center stage of a worldview that cannot get it together enough to support one another through this rocky road of distasteful bickering. 

Sometimes it’s that nonsense everyone understands and no one wants to address the money in the room going haywire. There is no coming to any understanding of the views others have. Just a demand to be right which looks like a child throwing a tantrum know what I mean? 

Should we not have compassion others trying to convey their thought process without judging it as wrong? Should we not honor people’s rights to be different than you? Is that who we are as an American people or do we become who other countries consist of a dictatorship? Democracy is great if ever one has the opportunity to be themselves and leave the judgement to the judge who is right every time-God. 

The division is wide and so the median is too great for the compromise. How is this right? America is made up of so many cultures and the color is so amazing. Yet rather than recognize the difference of its people, America has become this grand divide of Conserve and Lib. Can’t we just get along-Remember Rodney King’s speech. 

I am learning just like you so keep reading. We need to come to a common ground to get out of the eyesight and conversations where our counter parts might miss judge our actions that keep us separate yet equal-Please understand this separate but equal. 

There will always be mixture of Conserve and Lib working within an individual. Just like there is good and evil in everyone depending on day and circumstances is when you many see one or the other, but does that make that person bad? There is no order of protection in division. To honor another person’s right to choose for themselves must stay in place in some instances. But let’s not go overbroad demanding what you should not ask for. 

Nothing the world would offer as law that goes against the word of God works for me.

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“easy, breezy, beautiful…Cover Girl.”

For the love of books

How to teach girls to enjoy ready-

It’s to open the pages of her imagination

For her allow it to be her dream come true

It’s that Prince on white horse

It’s not a damsel in distress

It is that Princess taking charge of her life.


It will be in the relationships she develops

She nurtures so make sure the protagist takes care of others or give her an animal something she can hold on to

Her needs will come to life as she witnesses other taking steps to where she wants to go.

The dialogue must hold her attention

She must understand her feeling less than < must never find its way into who she is becoming

Helping her understand what she is good at will make a path seeable.

Her future will be bright when she discovers she has an ally, and to find that in her own hand –power.

There will be no need to put up with what is obviously not going to work

She will know her value comes not from lips, but pages.

She is that natural girl who is easy, breezy; beautiful she is that cover girl.

The door will swing open to an awesome existence that will allow her to believe you can fly (soar)

She can flip through the pages and share her life unfolding

It is the brightness in her eyes as reality is manageable

It is a choice she can make whenever her fancy allows her to.

The picture she sees is a reflection of who she can be

That moment in time that becomes her reality

That hope diamond is found in her hand

She will understand that when she travels she can take others with her.

A book in the hands of a girl is a promise

Of great things to come

Stories to be told

A future to hope for

She is that cover girl who forces her naturally beautiful mind room to speak

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