Toughness up North #2

(The Porches)

The porches were my outlet for the creative side to offset the fears that consumed the mind of a child. Because of the security of our home, in the summer we (my cousin, who is four months older, and I) were allowed to camp on the front porch. Although there were so many instances where safety was an issue, being able to have the opportunity to camp outside was a treat not that I feel that way as an adult though. You probably wonder does this lady still have her spark of imaginative creativity, why yes, I do which is evident I hope in the repainting my childhood for you. To gaze up at the sky at night was magical not that stargazing was necessary an option with all the street lights, but being outside did lend to creating a mindset of adventurous living.

I could leap tall buildings in my mind, at times I actually could, off the back porch (what thought became my reality) it did allow me to jump onto the roof of a storage building in the back yard. I know you might think really this noncountry girl actually use to like the outdoors? The answer would be, yes, and don’t forget about climbing fences and playing in the dirt to create my own special brand of the pie. To offset fear you must create a “you” that whether imaginative or for reals can defeat the dragon while creating your escape route which I have done through my writing. Now onto the final piece of the pizza pie, the security that housed my fears and joys as a young person the heavy wood and iron door that was the protection against seen and unseen occurrences. I am sure you won’t want to miss the conclusion to know a part of your local indie author, so stay tuned.

Copyright©2017 Pew Partners/P.M. Mathis





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