It has been said to me as it relates to relationships, matters of the heart, and abandonment I am very clear that mistakes cannot be made when loving me. How dare you even try and come at me with such a lame excuse in why you failed to love me properly. Love is supposed to calm the soul and stimulate the mind. So why then are you coming to me, with a half-hearted proposal of loving me? There is nothing I will ever beg for when it comes to love because if you don’t give it willingly me demanding it will only end in someone getting hurt.

The symptom of a heart unfulfilled causes your journey to be unbearable. There is no way you will be allowed to live comfortably when you have made my life one I no longer recognize or realize is worth living without your form of love I am accustomed to.

The heartbreak is real and if I could cause you pain without getting caught I would. And now what of trust? You wait to say, “I made a mistake I still want you beside me on my journey through this maze called living.” But how do I trust the word of a liar who said, “I will love you as long as I breathe.” Oh, wait these words of forgiveness is what I seek, search, and want to share, but you are not offering. I feel like an idiot because I am actually waiting on you to forgive my betrayal and you are the one who wants out.

It is just amazing how when love is consuming you want to hold on to anything that keeps you connected to the object of your affection. The danger can be the tightness in which you want to hold on. Sometimes the best answer is to leave some of the emotions out of your decisions, and you then can use the rash mind to decide how to calm the ego, and that’s really what it’s about. Not wanting others to know or see you walking alone because then an explanation will be demanded and an answer you might not have.

Okay, take it from someone whose cried, screamed, begged, demanded or just got over an evaporated relationship, you do find a way to love over it and not become bitter (if you choose to). All is not right in the universe, but you can still walk in victory by trusting yourself to the one who created the universe.

Copyright 2017 Pew Partners/P.M. Mathis

I have been out of commission for way too long, and I apologize for my lack of attention to my blog.  Please allow me to make amends by starting over. Thanks

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