When My Nerves are Shot


Nothing works properly

I am on the edge and it is really not good

I feel like I am swinging from the trees and I have no idea how to get down

I feel like I am literally walking backwards

I feel uneasy inside and I really don’t know why

The door I thought was open has just shut, and I am standing there confused d-confused-man-sitting-question-mark-illustration-frustrated-person-hands-his-head-big-human-person-character-47533945

I cannot seem to find my peace therefore my security is shaken

Talking to someone else just seems useless when you cannot explain your own pain

I am just not sympathetic to what someone thinks they need from me when I am going through

In these and all moments, I find the only mercy that I am assured is that God loves me.


Copyright © 2016 Pew Partners





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