Those people who are always curious about information obtained on others seem to expect privacy.

The moral of the story mind your own business.

A coworker who always seems concerned for others (aka being nosey) I asked her a question about her experience at the gym. Her reaction a look of confusion, “How did you know I was at the gym?” I contemplated whether I should ask the question because I knew there would be suspicion that would emerge from the conversation, but I could not resist.

There are those people who are pining after your affection or another way to put it wants you to notice them.

The moral of the story stop with the self- promotion unless you are actually having a service to offer.

While having the conversation with my coworker the office mgr. was standing near us involved, yet when she heard me talking she stop as if she wanted to be included in the conversation. But you know me, I just ignored what I thought was a need to be included because I don’t appreciate those claim to fame by position who expect that the universe should revolve around their so called status.


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