Too much said not enough done



I don’t want to use my platform to talk about race relationships because my Jesus’s blood was red, and I know by faith all that believe are covered by it.

But when people I consider friends keep posting on facebook about things that blacks keep doing without regard for what it means to have a black sister in Christ as a friend I feel like I must say something.

It is definitely awful for those called to protect and serve to lose their lives, and there is nothing more I can add because there is no excuse for lives to be lost as retaliation for another life already taken. Although frustration with no end in sight can make a person do something regrettable, but if given time to reflect on the action plan would reconsider what the mind wants to forget.

And yes black on black crime needs to stop, and I would dare say before we ask others to respect our position on Black Lives Matter. But if you have never had to live as a black person in America, you might want to consider some of the things you post or repost as disrespectful to your African(who would not even consider us as such) American friends.

Because I want you to know that although I realize that your opinion is yours and you felt the need to post what you see about Blacks it might make you seem like a racist. I am just saying. Although no such tragedy as a cop shooting someone is my family has occurred to my knowledge, and I pray it never does I cannot honestly say forgiveness would be easy or that I would want someone discounting the life of my loved one as nothing that is important.

I don’t see in the post a comment that would suggest your empathy for the life lost of the person who may or may not have done something to lose their life over.

This is really just my hope that no friends will be lost over this post we will just agree  that all lives really do matter.

pam1 #urgodslovestory

all created equal but not treated that way

may u be God’ reflection





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