What really Matters

taking sides I don’t want to

trusting others it ‘s so hard when they lie

being a part of the protest will it change the current situation

nothing seems to change no matter how many protest you have

it is just an ongoing tragedy that no one can figure out how to change

the dimensions smaller yet still we strive to change the past currently

these are all lovely pics but this really does not existNo-place-for-racism

there are extremes that really don’t make sense to this simple minded girl

I thought Jesus died for all of us His blood is red and the only color that truly matters

the reversed role of privilege won’t work because it is a taught behavior black

stop trying to trust everyone who says they are our friend look at the historyth

you want to keep us bound and silent about equality and you let others speak often

all we have ever done was try to live and not just survive and in 16 we are still being killed while others continue to get the benefit of the doubt

where is out religious freedom I am sure tired of having to defend it when we live in a country with free speech

pam1 #urgodslovestory

may u be God’s reflection





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