Meow if You Please

Okay in the interest of interesting things I came across wine for cats. I know what you are thinking crazy huh? Just what I thought until I went to the website. Here is what it says:

Non Alcoholic

We know cats shouldn’t have alcohol so we’ve designed a safe alternative to feeding them your “real” wine.

Organic Catnip

We source only fresh organic catnip grown in the Pacific Northwest of the United States.

Fresh Beets

Because we only want the best for your cat, we use fresh all-natural and Organic beets grown in the U.S.A

Well, this caught my attention because anything that is good for my Sherlock 13012864_1271157292898643_5753678495970549545_n I am willing to try. Water or wine both would have it benefits right? I know that my Bo Bo does not like catnip, but maybe in a liquid form he might appreciate it.


They normally will become more “mellowed” out when they drink the wine so it might actually help for those restless nights.

According to science (yes, science), only about 65% of cats have a sensitivity to the smell of catnip so it’s very possible that they won’t be immediately drawn to the drink. However, we have used tasty beets in our recipe that tend to draw more cats in for a yummy drink.

Our wine is made with all natural ingredients that are beneficial to both cats and humans. While we state that the product is not intended for humans, fear not. Catnip is also used in tea and produces a sleepy feeling in both cats and people. Overall, no need to panic!


Pinot Meow a way to have a calm kitty. Apollo Meow

Lesson drinking alone should not be a thing and neither should be enticing your kitty to the bottle all benefits aside.

Catnip High

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