Words that Push

“It’s the hard days — the days that challenge you to your very core — that determine who you are.” Sheryl Sandberg gives the 2016 commencement address at UC Berkeley.

via Life Advice from Sheryl Sandberg — Discover

Those of us that write are trying to find the right words that inspire people to read and share. I have yet to figure out what that magic is that moves others to push my words on to the next reader. I am not bitter I am just trying to figure out why some writers are read and others of us are not. When actually the same premise is being suggested just in another voice. There are the words that readers get back and others they push aside. Can someone give me the secret sauce that you have found that put you on the map? So for today’s post I want to share someone’s words who  has inspired a whole graduating class.

pam1 #urgodslovestory  #theswitchisreal

may u be God’s reflections


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