Legacy-Memorial Day 2016

In Remembrance of my Grandfather who served his country:

On Saturday my grandfather was buried at the age of 91, he was a leader to his family.  My grandfather leads his family by example. He trusted God and was never ashamed to display his love for God.  He was a man who took the lead in his family leaving a legacy of a good work ethic. My grandfather served this country and others in the community.  My grandfather took pride in who he was and that was displayed in how he took care of his family.  So at the end of my grandfather’s life, he is honored by his family and his community.

A leader is one who is willing to do what he or she ask you to do.  Someone  who is is reasonable in his or her judgment of the situation at hand.  A good leader is someone who can  weigh the facts and make a judgment call that will benefit the majority, not the minority. Someone who displayed by example his or her integrity. A leader must be someone who can influence others in word and deed.  Someone who can stand up against opposition and still maintain his or her view and how to compromise when the situation calls for it.

The leadership style that I think is most beneficial is leading by example.  Because my grandfather leads his family by example and left each of  us a clear picture of what it looks like to lead now how can we do any less for our own family? I know I am inspired to do when I see someone doing what I want to accomplish in my own life. Words are just that when there is no action for me to see how something should be done. Lead others how you want to be lead, and you will create success in their lives as well as your own.

pam1 my intro: music by beats24-7.com #urgodslovestory

may u be God’s reflections


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