1. the dismissing or refusing of a proposal, idea, etc.:

    “the union decided last night to recommend rejection of the offer”

    synonyms:refusal · declining · turning down · dismissal · spurning ·

    • the spurning of a person’s affections:

      “some people are reluctant to try it because they fear rejection.”


feeling unwanted whether it is your emotions or actions

is it healthy to hold your feelings back from the person you think is holding you mentally?

it is understanding that your thoughts have no value

should you assume everyone feels this way about what you think as important?

nothing in your mind can make the pain valid

so forgiveness is what you suggest, right?

it opens areas of your heart you did not know existed

why are you taking it so hard that this person does not accept you?

Here is the one thing you have to keep in mind no one can hurt you unless you allow them to, so in all things understand you have everything you need to be okay.

pam1 #urgodslovestory

may u be God reflection


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