Image for the Words #46

Momma, Gone

As the month whines down I softly cry for my mother. I dream of her warm soft brown face, her fragile smile, her soft warm hands, and the sound of her lovely weak voice. My loss is extremely great the foundation of my life is slowly slipping away. Catch me mom for I feel I am falling and simply just don’t know how to get back up and pick up the pieces. It simply feels like my heart has been taken away and replaced with nothing. I am surrounded by my memories and haunted by my fears. No one can truly know the pain because it is so hard to explain. I just want to scream why have I been so wrongly done? Why has my mother been taken away from me? It will be okay is what I have been told or I should not do this or say or feel that. But how in the hell can you tell me this when you can’t imagine the loneliness, pain, and betrayal I feel. The one person who has been a constant in my life is gone never to return, unable to know how much I miss her, just lying alone in the cold wet ground. Gosh! That thought is the most painful she is alone without anyone. I still have been unable to truly lay my mom to rest. It’s not fair and I am damned if I ever say so.


may u be God’s reflection #urgodslovestory


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