Image for the Words #45

I Recall

I recall so clearly my years when I was in school and the memories of coming home to the warmth of my mother’s love. She would be at home cooking and watching her soap opera. I just remember loving to come and see my mother after a long day at school away from her. My mom was always there for me never could I recall a time I could not rely on her. My mother taught me responsibility, independence and love so I hope to instill in my child the same values my mother gave me. Because of this wonderful memory I realize what I need to do in order for my child to have the same wonderful memories. Love comes from memories, caring, and knowing you have someone you can depend on. I hope I sure can do as well a job as my mother has done for me. Because of the values I have I can be a good mother for my daughter. Hard maybe but loving because it shape individuals it shapes the way you live, things you do to survive, way to handle pressure, and becoming a great extraordinary person. That is why good memories are worth remembering and cherishing for a lifetime.


may u be God’s reflection #urgodslovestory

the generation my mother created…gosh I miss her.


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