Image for the Words #41


     As a people we have come a long way, yet our journey is far from over.  I am so tired of all the black/white issues.  If each person would just live their own life, then one would not have time to concentrate so hard on others.  Everyone must take responsibility for his or her actions.  So why does society put so much emphasis on the color of a person’s skin?  Why is there stereotyping?  Every person should be judged on his or her own merit.  Every person has rights, responsibilities and their own life that they must lead.  No two people are alike.  So as a society if we choose not to let such issues trouble us, would they not fade?  Now is the time not to let such unnecessary nonsense trouble us, but to let the violence, lack of human concern and the unsolved solutions trouble us into action.  As parents, leaders of nations, educators, and as a society it is our job to teach our children that there are consequences to every action.  It’s not o.k. to hate someone for their beliefs, the color of their skin, nor the circumstances in which we sometimes find ourselves.  Hatred leads to violence and violence leads to nothing that amounts to anything.


These days segregation is not the focus crime, lack of concern, and hatred is the motive for all of the world’s troubles. Crime knows neither color nor gender it is just there everyone must face it.  Everyone must take responsibility for the actions of a person who lacks concern for others.  As a people it is our job to solve problems not add to them nor just let them be.  Every time the television or radio is turned on the lack of human compassion is evident.  I am afraid for our future generation because they are learning early on that human compassion is the main concern of this nation.


Comfort in one’s home should be a given, but it’s not. When one’s home is invaded along with material things that are lost, you lose your peace of mind; comfort once known in your home, the ways in which you once viewed life, and unfortunately a life could be lost.  Those material things lost can be replaced but not the fears you now have not the feelings of invasion, not the peace of mind so often taken for grant, nor that precious life taken so suddenly.  I do not know how as a people we should go about eliminating situations of this world.  Because nothing is ever one sided, in the mind of the person who has lost the feelings of security it is obvious what needs to be done.  But the courts a lot of times have other ways of doing things.  As a society there needs to be rules and guidelines, but one does not have to be satisfied with what has been handed down.  You must fight for what is right because if you will not then who will?  And what will happen to our future if we will not stand up and be heard?  Now is the time to take action not when it happens to you or a family member.  Now is the time to stop, take a look around, and say it stops here.  I will not accept violence as a part of my life.  I will not turn my head as if I see nothing.  I will not, not be heard.  I will speak my mind even if my options are not agreed upon.  Let us now take action to change the ways of this world.


may u be God’s reflection #urgodslovestory

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