Image for the Words #40


I have learned how to fear money because of all the decisions that have to be made concerning it. I have not mastered the abundant life Christ died to give me. Instead of asking God to guide my decisions, I ignore His help and I find myself between two opinions His and mine. When I look to God, I have the ability to make the right decision with my money. I can then find my way out of my cloudiness into helping others. I will experience the abundance through having an obedient heart to serve God and others. By realizing God’s help is best. When I lay down my own selfish needs, I am then the reflection of God’s grace through my decisions. When I listen to God, I have peace in my financial mind that is abundant living that Jesus came to as expressed in John 10:10.
I want God to be the source of my joy. God is the source of all my provision, so when I choose to deny God a tenth of my income out of fear of not having enough I rob my household of His abundance. The word of God is clear about what I am to give to advance His kingdom. God is not after my stuff if He was why would He make provision for my needs? I also have to be careful not to give out of guilt because God loves a cheerful giver. When I feel pressured to give to a visiting minister when I have limited funds there is no cheer in my giving (this pressure is one I play out in my mind that if I don’t give will I not be blessed?). My decisions about money say a lot about where I put my trust and I never want to be found guilty of loving money more than God. I must learn to pray before my decisions about my finances.
When I learn the true art of prayer that reaches the heart of God, I will have peace about what bills to pay this week. Just deciding without doubt is abundant living. I will know I am hearing the voice of God, so I can make the right decisions. I find that unforced rhythm of God and I will be able to make wise choices. I am the lender rather then the borrower must be the confession out of my mouth. Financial debt is a burden that takes away that joy that I am promised in the word of God. As a Christian I am called to be an encouragement to others by the word of my testimony to the goodness of God.
As a Christian, my life should be a testimony to the good provider God is. I can look for opportunities to share with other through a kind word or uplifting smile. When I am focused on my financial hardships and constantly talking about them, I give no glory to God. Why would anyone want serve a God who does not provide? That is what I would be saying by focusing on lack rather than the abundance of provision that God gives. As I walk, talk, and listen to God I learn His will for my life-which includes hope and a future according to Jeremiah 29:11. Since I am faithful in prayer (to ask the Father what to do), then by putting into practice what He speaks I can only win.
The key element is obedience to God’s command to give and He shall give to you. God wants to bless my finances, but I must let my money decisions be God’s. When I sit down to decide what to pay, it’s after I’ve given the tenth of my income-right decision. As my mind is freed, I can let go of the burden money causes and be that testament to a providing God who supplies all my needs. Now that is abundant living.


may u be God’s reflection #urgodslovestory

which pic expresses you?


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