Image for the Words #38



a love for me

A fisherman spends a life time trying to catch ‘The Big One’. They may get nibbles even a bite or two. Some may even catch a few only to throw them back. A fisherman, a true fishermen couldn’t call himself such if he wasn’t patient. Knowing when to wait… How to wait… An even what to do while he’s waiting. A fisherman should always be concerned about his gear. The equipment he’s using, the instruments that enables his craft. Some fishermen use a lot of expensive gear, others don’t. There are even some fishermen who don’t use any gear at all, they can just jump in the water and snatch them up a fish. I however, fish by faith. I know it sounds like a cliché. Like, how is that even possible? If you were following my metaphor thus far then you know I wasn’t talking about catching an actual fish but rather a mate. By the way, I caught her. She doesn’t even know she’s caught. But she’s on my line; soon she’ll be in my net, in my boat and in my arms. So to all the other fishie’s out there I hope your fishermen come alone and snatch you up as well. To those fish that I conversed with, even gone on dates with, I want to thank you for making me a better fisherman. And for those fish that were on my line, I apologize but I have to cut it. I would like to thank POF for supplying this pond, this lake, this ocean of opportunity. If it wasn’t for your contribution this fishermen, would have never caught his ‘Big One’. I am forever indebted to you. As I said before, she doesn’t even know she’s caught, but she’s on my line, and for that, I’m grateful! ‘P.C.’ contrary to popular belief I’m not a good fishermen, but I am a great gentlemen. I can’t wait to experience this journey together. Till then, this fisherman has cast his line for the very last time.



may u be God’s reflection #urgodslovestory


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