Image for the Words #37

a reminder from God…



In this passage of scripture, Christ teaches the importance of you knowing how much He loves you. Christ disciplined the disciples who wanted to keep the children away from Him by expressing, “for of such is the kingdom of God.” Christ wanted the disciples to understand that a child’s faith is the example of what the Kingdom of God looks like displayed. Christ also wants you to know how to love and trust that He is always with you and uses your faith as an illustration to show adults how important it is to come to Him as if they were a child trusting a parent.  Christ wants adults to believe in Him the way a child trust in his or her parents to meet their needs.  Always remember Christ loves you and wants you to develop your relationship through faith with Him, so you can spend an eternity with Him in heaven. While you are still young, you can lead others to God just in how you obey your parents which displays their love for God in that they are teaching you how to have faith.  As you grow up, remember to keep the faith that Christ instructed His disciples to have that childlike faith that trusts without doubting.  Keep your inner child active knowing God is with you always and enjoys your faith approach.


may u be God’s reflection #urgodslovestory






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