Image for the Words #35



The Luck of the Draw
The Ultimate Spring Fling

The door has been opened to the blue print on how to create your fairy tale life. I am on the verge of a breakthrough, and I want to share my findings with you. It begins and ends with your testimony and you understanding you have one and the value it can offer to someone else. The books I have authored will help you understand how to use your testimony to design a life that will honor God, and help you influence those He has called you to. It really is simple, God wants you to know you are loved and valued. Once you are secured in the love of God, you become equipped with every tool you need to help perform the great commission. I am running a sale so you can have an opportunity to get your copy. The sale will run February 22-March 17. Your copy is waiting for you at You are so lucky, it’s like finding that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow when you purchase a copy of one of my books. If not for you, purchase a copy for someone who needs it, it will make for good reading this Spring as the season changes so will that life. Help me to help others through you. May U be God’s Reflection


may u be God’s reflection #urgodslovestory




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