Image for the Words #34

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Will your Prince come to rescue you? I think it depends on who you consider him to be.   Will it be the Prince Charming you read about?  Not in reality because those stories are fictionally written.  Will there be someone who will see value in you.  Yes.  Will there be some you can trust in your life?  Yes.  Will there be someone who makes you feel like no one else in the world can?  Yes.  Will you always be able not to be hurt by someone?  No.  Will you always be able to have an outlet for your pain with someone?  No.  Will you always be able to see this someone in a positive light based on your love?  No.  There is a Prince of Peace you can rely on completely and His name is Jesus Christ.  Christ has to be your Prince Charming because there is no flaw in His love or the way He loves you.  Christ came so you would have an abundant life.  An abundance of relying on Him for everything you need.  Do not put your trust in man (Psalms 118:8) the word is clear in whom you should rely.  Your ability to love starts with your perception of the Prince of Peace. Christ who will let you know truth through the unlimited peace He offers.  Within that security you can then build and support healthy, helpful relationships.


may u be God’s reflection #urgodslovestory

subscribe to youtube channel and following this group they are doing great things.

Purpose Girls and

We mentor.

We empower.

We serve.

We listen.

68596_4537104978608_2141155820_nWe encourage.

We laugh.

We support.

We boost confidence.

We elevate self-esteem.

We care.

We believe in YOU.




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