Image for the Words #32

Image Gives or Takes

the chalk outline did it come too soon because you could not solve the head game others played?

did what someone did not do for you or give you cause you the jump when you still was too immature to figure out it was not the end of the world?

have you closed the door and refused to open a window because life did not produce for you a good start, and you assumed you were damaged goods?

what does the mirror tell you?

does it distort your view and create negative self talk?

listen, shut everything off, get okay with yourself, really be comfortable in your own skin. it all starts with your image of yourself and if you cannot find positive things to recite to yourself why make it someone else’s job to keep you mentally?

why is it necessary to try and create a space for everyone’s insecurities? political correctness is killing us…………………



may u be God’s reflection #urgodslovestory


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