Image for the Words #30

Control starts from Within

Today was a storming day and as such these are the days I miss my mother the most. For me my security vanished when she took her last breath.  I recall crawling in bed with her when it would thunder and lighting feeling protected and at ease with the thought mommy will protect me.  Now I feel so alone.  I have no one to depend on as far as making me feel safe.  I don’t want to pass this fear to Tequila.  I know she can sense my uneasiness with bad weather.  I feel at my age I should be more secure in my own strengths, but as it goes I just feel so small and unsure about what to do.  I want this feeling to go away so I can get some normalcy back.  I don’t want another person to be my security I want that security to come from within.  To be able to say, Pam keep it under control and stay in charge and you will make it.


may u be God’s reflection #urgodslovestory

you have the power to turn up or down remember that-you have the switch.





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