Image for the Words #24


DOES IT MATTER (how u r seen)

P.M. Mathis

are you really that insecure that my opinion of you matter?

I really am not the one who thinks about you as much as you think about you…believe that!

my opinion is valuable to me why are you so concerned with it? that you feel you have to let me know you disapprove?

may be it is that I don’t approve of what you do…do you really want me to tell you? a question you really should figure out before making statements about how I feel about you.

and if I really do not like you, how will knowing that enhance your life by me voicing it rather than you just feeling that is the way I feel?

please try to understand this it really should not matter how another feels about you as long as you love yourself. TRY IT! IT REALLY IS FREEING.

just so you know it is not about me not liking you but rather some of your actions.

Love yourself, really, love you because God does, and really it is His opinion that is the only one that truly matters.

Much love and respect,

Pew Partners pam1

may u be God’s reflection #urgodslovestory

messages of love from your Creator:


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