Image for the Words #16


He was my prince charming, but I was not his one queen. So what do I do with that?

I was his baby maybe? His option not his priority.

I thought his name would be ownership, but he did not offer that just a name change.

His love expected me to give up my voice for his existence.

He expects to be heard but won’t listen.

“You cannot use things I say against me,” he claims.

But it is okay for me to use your past actions to hold you accountable.

Therefore keeping me justified in my non actions while the breakdown of marriage again occurs.

Since you want to do marriage like a business, I presume you want a silent partner, right?

Betrayal has come because I did not understand the signals of my heart.

I thought his love was a safe place for my heart to land, but my realization has become abandonment.

I over thought my marriage and thought it away again too much emphasis not enough love.

When fear is your reality, that becomes your reality and you get the fear you think you live.

No one can please or make happiness appear when misery is inside and perception is not the reality…no respect no love is what she hears.

I need to create my own presence not walk in my husband’s shadow.

One sided this marriage seems, and the side that gets his way wants to end it.

 How does that play out?

I will get over you and recognize the lesson once you’re gone.

Why did I choose to marry again?


may you be God’s reflection #urgodslovestory

have some cake:



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