Image for the Words #12


Day is not long enough and the night seems too long. For the lonely this is an endless cycle.   Sharing, caring, surviving, surrendering, hoping, dreaming, living, and loving are all a part of growing, learning, understanding, and becoming who you want to be and getting out of life what you really and truly desire.  Never limit or underestimate your abilities.  Life is full of surprises so be surprised. Live for the sake of living and never over analyze life.  For one thing life is too short for another it is stressful to over think living.  What enjoyment do you gain from worry?  Love and be loved for that is what life is truly about.  Not gaining things or finding people (who like you not for who you are but for what they can gain from knowing you) your friendship has to be something earned and respected.  Never let yourself be lost in another because who you are is not suppose-to-be find in another.


may you be God’s reflection #urgodslovestory

how do you see you? this is how I see me:



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