Image for the Words #7

Be Good to Him…Eph. 4:32

It is a call to be unselfish. A drive to be a better “you” while helping him reach his full potential. You (I) have to see him as God’s reflection. Because your (my) partner is a child of God, you (I am) are required to treat him with respect. You (I) must honor your (my) partner’s position as head of your (my) family. It is about recognizing your (my) partner’s fire power. What gives your (my) partner their power is summed up in, encouragement, and support. I’ve been told I cannot go wrong when I apply l.e.s being more. It is about making your (my) partner the headliner of your (mine) reality show “Harmony at home.” It’s about never running out of good things to say about your (my) partner. You (I) must learn the rhythm of your (my) partner’s heart and the sound of their concern. You (I) must learn your (my) character and match yours (mine) to your (my) partner’s. It really is simply a coming together, what God has joined let no one come between including “you.” You (I) must join your (my) partner in the place you (I) met and heart-fully help your (my) partner move along life’s journey with you. (I will) watch your (my) language and listen to your (my) partner’s movements. Be held while holding. (I will) remain your (my) partner’s only dance companion. (I am) you are your (my) partner’s choice (I will) respond accordingly and act like you (I) know you (I) are (am). Your heart shines through your smile as a telling sign of how well you are blessed, so (I will) honor your (my) partner by showing up each day with truth being your (mine) presence. After all, your (my) partner is your (my) friend, hero, and knight on a white horse, and your (my) fairytale in the making


MAY YOU BE GOD’S REFLECTION #urgodslovestory



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