Image for the Words #5


told from a daddy-less daughter

I now feel life and relationships are two things in there are no guarantees

Is there anything I can say to make you stay or to make a different decision other than the one that demands your denial

Will I be asking too much to expect your respect and that you treat me like I matter

I am not going to continue to hold on to the idea you will come and rescue me

What did I do to receive such treatment to be ignored and forgotten

Because of your neglect I feel lost and finding me does not seem like an option

I was the casualty of your forgetfulness that your love was needed

My decisions to let go of a hope of family with you is not one I have made easily

I cannot be honest with the truth of my loss because it hurts too bad to say it out loud

If loving you is wrong then letting go must be right


may you  be God’s reflection #urgodslovestory


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