Image for the Words #4




What do you speak over your partnership?
You have to trust your partner to be their best even when you don’t feel like they are.
You are the creator of your universe speak wisely.
Remember it is not what you say as much as it is in how you express it, so I’ve been told.
It is in the letting your guard down you will find that diamond in the ruff that is your partner’s heart.
There is nothing you must hold on to from your past allow freedom to be the gift you offer your partner.
Peace must be the main ingredient in the recipe of your created, happy home.
Joy is within you don’t allow current life happenings take it because you take the life out of their armor when joy vanishes.
As your warrior allow them to claim victory for your battles.
Your partner is your tower find security within the walls created.
Your words create the life or death of romance so speak, read, and remember what got you to this place…partnership.
Honor your partner with your respect.
Speak into your combined victories.
Think your partner can when it seems impossible.
Your main purpose in this partnership is to be unselfish, so start with you and let God do the rest.
Ask and it shall be given because God will honor the covenant of your partnership (marriage)…

May you be God’s reflection…


Married to Love



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