Image for the Words #3


Married to Love

Marriage (GENSIS 2:23)

You were formed from his side and crafted as his match

You should be his timing

You are his teacher on compassion

You must strengthen his backbone by adopting his attitude for family

Understand his need to be your hero even in those things that seem insignificant.

Give him the “knight” complex

Make him feel accomplished by serving him well and at all times

Do not grumble in your service of him

He is enabled by your smile and adjusted by your character

Just love him and when you are with him just be consumed by his presence

Listen when he talks it is the most important and sexy thing for him

You must think him through productively so your words should instruct and construct his drive.

As you hold his hand, watch him guide your heart

It is in your respect for his character that will dominate his world

His love has to be the click in your soul

The reason you rise

A gift that only he gives your world but not your God

Be his constant turn on

In all you do for him know it is important for him to believe there is no one more valuable to you then he.




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