Words from P.M.Mathis#45

P.M. Mathis


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As long as I stay strong for myself, I shall overcome this hardship. As long as I believe in me, I shall accomplish great things. As long as I continue to be who I am and let no one change me, I will rejoice in by magnificence one day. As long as I trust myself to keep my heart, mind, and soul pure, I shall be blessed with the things I need. As long as I keep the values learned as a child, I will do the right things. I will pass the right values to my child. As long as my name remains child of God,  I shall be who I choose to become, I shall enlighten, I shall write for enjoyment, and I shall encourage  myself and others. Because above all I am A Writer!

pam1 www.pewpartners.wix.com/pmmathis

may you be God’s love story #urgodslovestory


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