Words from P.M.Mathis#42

P.M. Mathis


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I have seen many styles of parenting, and one style is not better than another. Abuse not allowed I should not have to say this, but just in case you may not know. We all grew up with a different set of circumstances and those circumstances taught us a sense of importance on the value of life, how we live life, what our living should produce, and definitely how the lives of our children should be affected by the actions of the parents.  So everyone is entitled to be titled parent because the word parenting takes on a diverse set of meanings…

P…Patience (Partner)

A…Attention (Achiever)

R…Respect (Representative)

E…Encouragement (Engineer)

N…Never Say You Can Not Do (Negotiator)

T…Teacher (Side by Side Learning)

I…Instigator (Internal Love)

N…Navigator (Never Say Never)

G…Guardian (Guiltless)

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may you be God’s reflection #urgodslovestory

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