Words from P.M.Mathis#41

P.M. Mathis


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Delicious smells of food, the warmth of home, and the freedom to be who I was without being criticized  because mommy loved me.  I saw my mother standing there and just knew how important she was to me and me to her.  I remember the feel of her hand, the love in her voice, and the warmth in her eyes for her daughter.  Hugs that felt like heaven I just would melt into my mother’s arms.  Because of the love, I knew was there.  Sounds of her favorite soap opera General Hospital playing when I got in from school. I remember the joy she got from watching General Hospital and how I loved to watch with her.  My mother taught us how to take care of ourselves because we watched how she took care of us.  I miss those days and I truly miss my mother because to me she was my world, my friend, my protector, my safeguard, and the one person I knew would always be there for me.  She will always be with me because I carry her in my mind and heart. I will instill that love in Tequila because in my mind a mother’s love is the greatest love in the world.  And for me, my mother still is my world and her memory will never leave me because when I am alone she walks beside me.  And when I cannot seem to make it through she holds my hand.  And when it seems hopeless she speaks to me, “Pam, baby, you will make it through I am proud of the person you are and you will do fine.  Mother loves you.”

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may you be God’s reflection #urgodslovestory

my beautiful mother who left me too soon.




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