Words from P.M.Mathis#37

P.M. Mathis


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I fee invisible, but I am determined to be seen…

I feel hurt, and I know it’s because you do not recognize me…can you see me?

I feel lost, yet being found will never happen because you cannot see pass your own stuff to understand I need to be found…

I feel you are selfish because you know what I need and refuse to give it to me…can you see me?

I feel I cannot be transparent because it makes me look foolish in your eyes…

I feel I cannot speak my mind because my thoughts are unimportant to you…can you see me?

I feel disappoint with myself because I have allowed you to take away myself esteem…

I feel uneducated so school did not give me the life skills (that you should have) for life…can you see me? Oh, how I hope you would…

I feel the protection that should have been mine you stole from me…

Feelings will leave you exposed to uncertainty, but God’s certain love will allow for closure of the open wounds which will facilitate real permanent healing…God sees you that is certain.

pam1 www.pewpartners.wix.com/pmmathis

may you be God’s reflection #urgodslovestory

story cafe december 5 2015


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