Quote from the Bible #25

bible Psalms 32

My take: It is not necessary to be in constant wondering. Another way to say this is it is not in your best interest to try to do a lot of reasoning because trusting in God will bring you peace. It is in your best interest to rest in the peace of God who knows you better than you know yourself. In your reasoning, you can frustrate others because you are never content in your life with them. Rather than frustration be aware that you have been given gifts God wants you to share with others this will bring you fulfillment and calm to your mind.  When you start dispensing your gifts, you will not have to do war with confusion because purpose is the goal and you will be working it. You will be clear about what you have and what you are supposed to do with your purposeful life. Stay strong by being the power house for God’s spirit that you are.

Much love

Pew Partners

P.M. Mathis

pam1 www.pewpartners.wix.com/pmmathis

May you be God’s reflection #urgodslovestory


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