Quote from the Bible #24

bible Psalms 31

My take: To do what is not viewed favorably by others will make you stand out. The key to fix the scrutiny of being viewed in a negative light is relying on God to get you through. You must trust that God know what you need and will come to your rescue when you ask Him to. Remembering that God has your best in mind, so you rescue might not be what you want but always what you need with God. Get familiar with the voice of God because to have to rely on man for your advisement keeps you locked into a place of people pleasing and validation seeking. The strength you gain from God’s wisdom will keep you moving forward and evidently changing by touching the lives of others. It is the love of God that will keep you when the danger sign is flashing red but you must continue on a course you are uncertain of, but you understand it is the right one to follow.

Much love

Pew Partners

pam1 www.pewpartners.wix.com/pmmathis

May you be God’s reflection #urgodslovestory


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