This Generation on something Else #47

P.M. Mathis

girls_girls_girls_neon_sign_097-F06-C Ordinary Princess, Behave Like a Princess it is what you can offer the world. Even if you don’t feel recognized, understand there is always someone watching you. Stand up and take notice of how you act, what you say, and who you are drawn to. You are a princess act like one.

stand-up-guys02 Ordinary Prince, be the ears and eyes for others because sometimes they are unaware of their surroundings. You are the peace keeper and a life changer if you take on the assignment. Be the example others want to follow. You can do it we believe in you.

religeous_cross-hands-dove God, as the adults of such a talented generation inspire us to be creative in our directing them along their path to greatness. In your belief of us, then we can pass it on to the generation.

link: Inspiring


daddy u can 2

ordinary coming to a read near you December 2015

may you be God’s reflection #urgodslovestory


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