This Generation on something Else #39

P.M. Mathis

girls_girls_girls_neon_sign_097-F06-C Ordinary Princess, it is important to find your compatibility partners in life. You will go farther in life and get there faster with the right team cheering you on. Help others witness the reality of your dreams it is all in the details.

stand-up-guys02 Ordinary Prince, your boys must have your back in supporting your desire to change the world you live in. Otherwise by be bothered with them. Your getting up after being knocked down with come from the heart of the matter-you. You are the stronger than you believe remember this.

religeous_cross-hands-dove God, you are so good to us as adults in the wisdom you supply for the generation through us. Allow us to get quiet so we can hear you clearly, so we can salt the earth.

link: your team


already at a read near you… and type in Daddy U Can Hold My Hand, a children’s book that can be read alone or a read to book. Support this local artist and I can return the favor. thanks

daddy u can 2

ordinary coming to a read near you December

may you be God’s reflection #urgodslovestory


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