This Generation on something Else #34

P.M. Mathis

girls_girls_girls_neon_sign_097-F06-C Ordinary Princess, living a fearless existence may not be easy, but it will allow you a clearer picture of yourself. It will enable you to not allow the opinions of others to defeat you as you seek your dreams. You have to determine your level of peace and not let anyone destroy that as you move towards a future that satisfies your soul.

stand-up-guys02 Ordinary Prince, your value might not be seen yet, but continue doing what you know to be right. As you live your life, your service will be seen and valued. Being a man, of character, is not impossible if you allow yourself to be influenced by men who are giving to others you cannot fail.

religeous_cross-hands-dove God, help us as adults be a living example for the generation to move us towards a future that will bring all of us closer to you.



ordinary coming to a read near you December 2015

may you be God’s reflection #urgodslovestory


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