This Generation on something Else #19

P.M. Mathis

girls_girls_girls_neon_sign_097-F06-C Ordinary Princess, don’t be afraid to follow your heart. Your heart is where dreams are realized, and you can convince others to follow you in that place of total peace that you find yourself  because you are trusting the universe to guide you.

stand-up-guys02 Ordinary Prince, honor the boy inside you because that imagination that he carries will enable you to recognize your dreams. You are the awesome vision of what manifested visions look like.

religeous_cross-hands-dove God, allow the generation to see the adults in their life in a different light. Because the illumination is too bright not to be recognized and followed and the outcome has life changing effects.


pam1 may you be a positive reflection #urgodslovestory

ordinary coming to a read near you December 2015


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