Rely Not on Man

Psalms 146:3 Do not put your trust in princes, in human beings, who cannot save.

Let’s stop calling it love when it’s lust, let’s start demanding more of ourselves and our male counterparts. Who want to use the word love as if it is a tool rather than an expression of the heart an actual action word which requires him to show up for you.

Selfishness is a character flaw that is apart of the DNA we all carry, but if you allow yourself to be influenced by nonsense, ladies, you have no one to blame but yourself.

That being said I have no excuse for all the bad relationships I have subjected myself to but my own stupidity. I hope I can remove some pitfalls from the decision making process for you.

The words you have to repeat to yourself and out loud are “I respect myself first.” So I require the same from anyone who wants to be in relationship with me. I will not lower my standards of purity for pleasure seeking without the commitment of love.

“Do not try to  play me” should be your  mantra to those suitors you realize are just running game no matter how cute they are or how sweet they talk to you or about you to others.

No sex before marriage and definitely not before love. Must be what you require of yourself.


Parents, we must model the behavior of self respect because kids do what they see not what they hear you speak generally.

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This is a Pew Partner cropped-pew-partners-logo.jpgpresentation…A reflection from God.


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